Why we? In 2016, we published simple and environmentally friendly methods of bee care. Our contributions outraged mainly beekeepers, who unconsciously and untruthfully informed about the difficulty in keeping bees.

Warning: If you are looking for answers to questions on how to better bee care, you cannot ignore these facts!

Bees have existed on our planet for over 150 millions of years. Human intervention into the ecosystem has caused that the European honey bees can no longer survive on their own.

They have become endangered species in our region. They would go extinct without the care of a beekeeper, which would have catastrophic impact on the entire ecosystem.

Our vision is to create a system of ecological beekeeping without the use of chemicals. In a way which is sustainable. Currently we tend to hundreds of honey bee colonies.

Each one is being monitored with the latest technologies. Technology we use is specifically made to help beekeepers. The beekeeper gains complete overview of health and productivity of his hives.

Thanks to this technology, interventions, which would be unnecessary, aren’t needed. It is 100% biological, 100% residue-freeharmless for the bees, easy to use, usable all year round even in honey flow and gives you maximum impact.

Technology is designed to be affordable for anyone, no setup, no configuration needs.

A few examples of information, are technology provides the beekeeper​:

Weight of a hive (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly gain or loss)

Temperature and humidity inside and outside of a hive gives you information about strength of colony

Atmospheric pressure gives you information about weather 

Number of bees in the colony and presence of queen. Queen alert is crucial for a beekeeper.

Theft alert and damage alert by animals or wind 

Swarming prediction is calculated from bee sound  (3 week before, 2 week before, 1 week before)

Battery Life is from 1 to 5 years

Compare colony strength and productivity

Do you know what your bees are doing during the winter?

This is New Year's Eve 2017 bee response to fireworks.

This is bee robbery. From 73kg to 33kg during 8 hours.

Our project is supported by tens of thousands of people and they helps thousands of bees colonies.

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