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Bee Colony Simulator 3.0


Do you know that many colonies will die because the beekeeper does not know what to do and when to do it?


Because the bee colony is a complex organism and its development is subject to a complicated time delay.

Varroa Destructor is one of the main causes of bee colony death, but most beekeepers do not know what to do.

What you will get:

1. Varroa Destructor life cycle in real time

2. Sample situation for bee collony during the year

3. Split the colony and start with queenbee or without queen

4. Prediction of swarming

5. How and when splitt collony

6. Dinamic of collony when you start with swarm

7. Predefined MS Excell worksheet

It is for MS Excell application. It is universal for lot of beekeeper situation. and is easy for use. 

Downlaod Bee Colony Simulator DEMO


Bee Colony Simulator 3.0

Bee Colony Simulator


Bee Colony Simulator

Download (1.58M)

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