Miracle Propolis: home-made tincture will rid you of dozens of diseases

Strenuous as a bee? This alignment certainly has something to do with itself. Bees are rightly considered to be one of the most efficient livestock. The result of their efforts is, for example, propolis, considered to be all-time modern times. The list of illnesses with which he can help has no end. Propolis is a resin based substance that bees are harvested from tree blades or from other plant sources. From the colony perspective, it has several important features. Let’s all remember:
  • enhances the stability of the hive,
  • weakens vibrations,
  • protects the bee from disease and prevents parasites from entering the hive,
  • prevents the rotting process in the hive.
It’s never the same Propolis properties depend on the plant source and the bee can not influence them. The composition of propolis is different in each hive, in each geographical area and in each season. Depending on the composition, it has different colors – from green to reddish brown, most often see a dark-brown color. At room temperature and higher temperature, it is sticky, and at lower temperatures propolis solidifies and crumbles. Interestingly, propolis from one hive may have healing properties that propolis does not have from another hive. This is also why propolis is attributed to a diverse healing power. Unique effects already in small quantities Propolis acts bactericidally (kills the bacteria), fungicides (it destroys the mushrooms), mildly anesthetically (dampens pain), acts antitoxic, has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and dermoplastic (promotes wound healing). Propolis has proven itself in the fight against acne. For acne treatment and small pimple treatment, experts recommend stretching for propolis tincture. Pharmacy in the palm As a medicinal substance, the Romans and the ancient Greeks used propolis. Typical propolis has about 50 ingredients, 50% are resins and plant balms, 30% wax, 10% essential oils and 5% pollen. The propolis contains rare ferulic acid, which is a several times better antioxidant than vitamin E. Its most valuable benefit is the fact that it protects the skin from sunlight. People’s propolis therapists often also use to relieve inflammation, viral diseases, treat lighter burns and bruises. Propolis has a positive effect on the heart and reduces the risk of cataracts. Old beekeepers recommend inserting a piece of propolis into the mouth as a proven remedy for the sore throat. However, the list of its health effects is not over yet. On the contrary. Some experts point to the strong antioxidant properties of propolis. Thanks to them, it is possible to combat the adverse environmental impact in a friendly and natural way. Treasure in the form of propolis tincture Preparation of propolis tincture is no science, you can handle it peacefully in the comfort of your home. Finally, judge yourself. Pour 30 g of crushed propolis into 100 g of alcohol. Use an ideal 80% or more percent alcohol. Then shake the solution six to seven times a day within one week. Finally, allow the solution to settle down and dissolve the dissolved part. For indoor use, take one to three times a day 10, up to 40 drops, ideally for one hour before eating. Drop it into the water, where it gets a little precipitated on the edges and bucks. But do not worry, they will never lose any of their healing effects. Most often, the propolis tincture is used in:
  • all inflammation that causes fever (3 times a day 30 drops)
  • in menopause (1 x daily 10 drops)
  • prostate inflammation (3 times a day 30 drops)
  • stomach pain (dilute 50 drops with 100 ml of warm water)
  • high blood pressure (1 x daily 30 drops)
  • gnashing gums and
  • toothache (soak the cotton wool and put it in a painful place) (twice a day with 50 drops diluted with 100 ml of warm water) (put the cotton wool in a painful place during the night, wash the area with propolis ointment)
  • angina and lighted throat (mix 40 drops with 200 ml of warm water, rinse several times a day)
  • of digestive difficulties
If you suffer from stomach ulcers, take 20 to 35 drops of propolis tincture in milk or honey for one hour before eating. For stomach problems, 3 drops of tincture will be given 3 times a day, an hour before meals. Enjoy it with breaks As with most bee products, even in the case of propolis, be more cautious and take a sensitivity test before use – best on the inside of your wrist. You can belong to a group of people suffering from allergic reactions. For unique effects on the human organism, it is a common ingredient for mastiff, creams, gels, but it can also be found in toothpastes and oral sprays. Propolis can be purchased in the form of a tincture, ointment, emulsion, balsam, and can be used even in the raw – in pieces or in powder. Propolis is very effective in small doses and concentrations. So take up to three weeks without a break, then spend one week off. Propolis without hesitation apply to all inflammatory processes in the body. If after three weeks there is no improvement, you should definitely relax and seek more professional help. Even in pregnancy There are several forms of propolis-containing formulations (oily or aqueous solution or concentrated-yield capsule), so do not prevent it even during pregnancy. Classic alcohol tincture is recommended for future moms only for outdoor application.
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