Bees have many interesting records. For example, these too

Are you interested in how much the most expensive honey is worth? Where does the bee hurt most or what is a man able to do to increase the sales of his own products? Then read on. Podarktori traders are not afraid of anything. Evidence is also this fearless Chinese, who chose a truly unusual way of presenting home-made honey. Finally, judge yourself. The more bees, the better He is a thirty-year-old, called She Ping and comes from Chungching in the southwest of China. He devoted his entire life to the beekeeping industry, more intensely devoted to him for more than ten years. It is the real source of his livelihood. Due to the great competition of beekeepers in his homeland, She Pching decided for a rather unusual way of promoting his own honey. Half the body has covered up to 460,000 bees. The bees that sowed on him had a respectable 45 kilograms. But if you think She Pching is the only „fool“ of his kind, we will bring you out of error. The disciples of this discipline are much more in the world. Voluntarily under the sting of the sting Why disciplines? Being beehive is a globally known activity in which the beekeepers pretend. Daredevils do not hesitate to put off their clothes, with the plastic being blamed for the most of their faces, and the bore holes with cotton. It does not interfere with the fact that many tens, or even hundreds of stings, are consumed. How do they do that they can attract so many bees? On the body, in the small „cage“, the queen hung, followed by thousands of workers. In the same way, Ind Vipin Seth was interested in the public. He lured bees weighing over 60 pounds. Recordable wording in the Guinness Book Kao Ping-kuo raised the bar of similar attempts a little higher. Millions of bees and more than three hours of theater were more disgusting than fascinating. This attempt almost ended tragically, the bold seniors‘ body temperature rose to 60 degrees, and hundreds of stings hit him. Several bee queens and a million bees whose weight climbed to more than 100 kilograms. These numbers also meant a Chinese entry to the Guinness Book of Records. Where does the sting most hurt? Every person has a different threshold of pain, some survive more, others less. The pain that we feel after the bee has been cleared was etymo Justin Schmidt. He is even the creator of so-called Schmidt’s scale of insect-bite pain. In his book, „Sting of the Wild“, the bee sting scored two out of four. Michael Smith, who has mastered his masochistic plan in his head, has come to his knowledge. He guessed that he would be caught up to twenty-five bees in order to be able to answer the question in which part of the body the sting was most painful. Each piece on the calf was stung up to three times and always waited for 60 seconds to remove the sting. He wanted to get a full dose of poison into his body. According to IFL Science, every day he tried three experimental stings in different parts of the body and two calibration points on the forearm to compare the pain. The most sensitive (more than intimate) were Smith’s holes and top pens. He did not probe the bee into the tongue and eye. His advisers were reportedly afraid of touching him.   The most expensive honey of the world Honey has a lot of health effects, not in vain to get used to being a golden medicine. However, if you find his price in shops sometimes up to the point, do not travel to Turkey. In this country, the price of honey is up to 5000 euros. Honey is very special, its name is Elvish. Are you interested in why it costs so much money? It is derived from the deep 1800 meters deep cave near Artvin in northeast Turkey. Günay Gündüz, a local beekeeper, claims that this honey is completely natural, without hives. The mineral-rich cave greatly enhances the quality of this honey, and Günay Gündüz is the only one who makes the special variety. By the way, the only one in the world. The fact that the bees fly in the caves was noted in 2009. At that moment, he realized he could find supplies of honey. „With the help of professional mountaineers, we got down and found 18 kilograms of honey on the walls,“ he remembers the treasure. He then has the honey analyzed in French laboratories. Researchers have confirmed that it is a seven year old honey of the highest quality, with a lot of minerals. The first kilogram of honey got him managed to sell at an auction in France in 2009 for an incredible 45-thousand euros. One year later, one Chinese millionaire bought another kilos for 28-thousand euros. Today, the price per kilogram is at the level of 5,000 euros. Apparently nothing for ordinary mortals, but for a very enterprising Turk, a particularly decent earnings. Recording the number of bees on your own body causes inconsistent reactions
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