Agate honey

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Agate honey directly from the beekeeper. When treating bee colonies, we do not use any chemical drugs like most bees. Agate honey is a light satin to golden color. Liquid often lasts for two years, It has a delicious and delicate flavor. The right honey always scratches a little in the neck, but the agate least. Honey has a harmonious taste, the aroma of the agate flower, it is sweet and delicate. It has good disinfecting effects. Regular use reduces blood pressure. Its consumption is recommended for cough, but also for digestive problems caused by acidosis of the stomach. The product is very rich in simple sugars, absorbs easily and quickly into the body, is primarily a valuable nutrient for the regeneration of physical and psychological fatigue. Due to the delicate scent and consistency it is a popular sweetener for many foods, beverages, especially for desserts. It is also recommended for cold and underlying upper airway inflammation. Agate honey has a strong moisture absorption capacity from the surrounding area, so this honey should not remain uncovered due to its density and durability.  


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