Sunflower honey

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Sunflower honey directly from the beekeeper. When treating bee colonies, we do not use any chemical drugs like most bees. Sunflower honey acts on asthma and stomach. It is high in glucose, two crystals and large crystals are formed during crystallization. It has a golden-yellow color and a sweet-sour taste. Contains more selenium. selenium – An important antioxidant contributes to protection against free radicals – Helps maintain a healthy vascular system – Supports regeneration of the heart muscle and its regular function – positively affects the activity of the body’s defense system The Slovak Republic belongs to countries where the population has a very low level of selenium in the blood. The best researched and most important feature of selenium is its antioxidant activity, which helps selenium to protect the organism from oxidative effects of free radicals. In the absence of selenium, the antioxidant capacity of the organism decreases significantly, and it is here that it is possible to explain the varied manifestations of selenium deficiency – increased susceptibility to heart and lung diseases, the formation and development of tumor cells, faster aging and other degenerative changes associated with it.


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