Flower honey

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Flower honey directly from the beekeeper. When treating bee colonies, we do not use any chemical drugs like most bees. Flower honey is one of the most varied honey, depending on the color and the number of plants. The color may be from a pale yellow to a dark red color, often including some honey. It has a delicious and delicate flavor. Most predominantly glucose, then fructose, has more vitamins and pollen. It is used to prevent symptoms of pollen allergy by consuming a few weeks before the start of the pollen season. Effects are exacerbated by the use of pollen remnants. Subsequently, either the allergy does not appear or is only in a mild form. When we drink blossom honey, we will give the body perfect information about the clean natural environment that our body will repair where it is damaged by the one-wheeler’s rapid pace of life in all areas.


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