Rape honey

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Rapeseed honey directly from the beekeeper. When treating bee colonies, we do not use any chemical drugs like most bees. Rapeseed honey is creamy and very lightweight. It is the first spring honey, which is predominantly of rape, but it also consists of honey of fruit trees. Liquid clear honey is able to crystallize during the week. It is easily digestible due to the higher content of simple sugars – glucose and fructose. It is soothing and relaxing. It contains cell-rejuvenating substances: lysophene and drains to prevent aging and 30 healthy substances more than other types. It is suitable for breathing problems. It contains alkaloid – basein, which has anticancer effects. It is mainly recommended for throat and flu problems. Rich in protein and beneficial to the heart. It strengthens the function of the heart muscle and binds to itself free radicals in the body that cause aging.

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