Honey as part of the treatment. Add it to these drinks and you’ll be amazed

Certainly, each of you has tasted the beneficial effects of honey on your skin. It is not in vain to say a golden remedy. It is also effective in the form of beverages, combined with other healthy raw materials. Let’s look at recipes for some of them. Start with a drink that will start you up to the new day. It acts as a guaranteed upbeat (not only) after the overnight night, and it will help you to get your energy back on your everyday duties. This tasty and healthy drink will be prepared in a few seconds. One soup of honey add a 100 ml glass of lukewarm water, best filtered. Mix together until the honey dissolves. Experts say that this combination can melt the fat, eliminate the desire for sweets and help make people lose weight. Honey should be served at any time of the day, but the best effects you get with it in the morning on empty stomachs. It then removes your body from bacteria, accelerates metabolism, strengthens the immune system, helps with problems with urination and relieves stomach problems. Finally, a proven tip. If you squeeze the lemon into honey, you will get a great detoxifying drink.   Fill your stomach and speed metabolism Such a pair of effects will bring you a miraculous combination of grapefruit and honey. Vitamin Bomb and the feeling of a full stomach with a minimum of calories is exactly what can be expected from both healthy ingredients. Remove the grapefruit half of the grapefruit, put it in the blender and add a spoon of honey. Mix to smooth. Such a small amount is enough to speed up the metabolism of sugars and faster fat burning.     It removes throat and cough Influenza usually begins with unpleasant throat pains. But you can defeat her by diving of this drink. Prepare 1 yolk, 1 dl milk and one tablespoon of honey. Mix the mixture well, warm the milk beforehand. Throat your throat with a warm cloth and drink slowly drink. Honey will also help you to cough. To multiply its strength, weigh 250 g of honey, 2 pieces of fresh leaves and 100 ml of water. The procedure is as follows: mix the leaves of the broom with the smell and anchovies. Then mix the mixture on a mild fire until the syrup is thick. Take as needed, but three times a day add up to one tablespoon a day. Syrup mix them peacefully in the tea.   Defeat insomnia and urological problems To get good sleep, rely on honey again. Two teaspoons of fine honey, a few ground vines and 250 ml of warm milk. Add honey, clove and co-mix to a warm glass of milk. Drink the drink slowly, thirty minutes before bedtime. Honey will also handle urinary tract inflammation. Place two tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in 2.5 dl of lukewarm water.   Slim curves (almost) to wait Despite the fact that honey is sweet, it also has slimming effects. Especially if you use it in conjunction with cinnamon and water. You can prepare the squeezing drink very simply: pour the tea spoon into the cup, pour hot hot water, cover it and let it leaven. When water is lukewarm, honey comes in – we recommend a maximum of two teaspoons. Honey must be selected as a quality, natural and never add to hot drinks. Otherwise, the active ingredients will be removed from it. You should drink the half drink in the evening before bedtime and the second half of the morning after waking up. Keep the drink in the refrigerator and do not heat it or add any more raw materials.   Because it belongs to Christmas The speech is about a Christmas punch with honey, which inherently belongs to pre-Christmas time. Put the quality red wine into the pot and add the pepper. Heat on a light fire until the wine begins to cook. At that time, put the pot on your kitchenette and let it cool down. Meanwhile, place a slice of lemon and a spoon of honey in the prepared cups. Bake still with warm wine, stir, adorn the remaining lemons of lemon or other fruits. Before eating, it is advisable to mix the punch. Keep in mind that … In order for honey to be mentioned as a component of medicinal beverages, it is important not to underestimate its choice. You can also make fake honey in shops. He generally tends to buy a lower price, but he does not help much to your health. Before you put the honey into your shopping cart, check out its consistency. Sufficiently dense honey, with a water content of 18 percent, is a mark of quality. Never to a hot drink By heating above 50 degrees Celsius, beneficial substances are degraded from honey. Unquenchable honey waves a higher water content and swings quickly from side to side after tilting. Buy it better with a reputable beekeeper or a specialist beekeeping store. There you are sure you will take your honey with the highest quality. It is therefore an item that is worth investing in. For health should be a leader in the value of people. You can verify the truth of honey As we have already outlined, sugary syrups, molasses, corn syrup and other flavors or ingredients are added to the raw honey. Organic, pure honey is not produced in factories. Most honey in the market is diluted so the manufacturer can double his own profits. In an attempt to compact it, the speculators use ground chalk, flour, sawdust or sand! A thumb test or a water test However, you can check the purity of the honey. Just give a drop of honey to your thumb and you will immediately find out if it sticks or not. Pure organic honey should be sticky. If you still hesitate, put a spoon of honey in a glass of water. Fake honey dissolves quickly and the net drops to the bottom. We’ll give you another interesting piece of work. Right honey is flammable. Place a dry match on honey and try to light it. If the match worsens, honey has the attribute clean. If the match does not fire, it is a fake honey that contains the dirt and water.
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