Looking for a reliable protector of your immunity? You’ve already found him

Honey has become a recognized and valuable medicine all over the world. Before people began to use chemically manufactured antibiotics, honey was an integral part of a home pharmacy. And so it is still today. Avoiding viral illnesses during the winter months is not at all easy. But if you have good immunity, eat well and your foods contain enough vitamins and antioxidants, you are on the right track. All the more if you do not forget about regular consumption of quality honey. Good immunity = solid health The immune system is a complex defense mechanism to deal with a wide variety of infections, bacteria and other harmful effects. It is ready for defense, everything is done, it ensures our health and is constantly evolving. The status of the immune system corresponds to how we relate to our own body. But the immunity also affects the environment, the lifestyle or the stress we face every day. We can support the immune system with a variety of preparations, and it is very beneficial to have honey. Honey is a vitamin bomb Honey is a concentrated extract of flowers and plants, many people call it a natural elixir of health. Its effects on the human organism are indisputable and have an irreplaceable role in building immunity. In honey we find a huge number of beneficial substances, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and sugars. The vitamins are: A, C, B1, B6, B12, D, E and K. Minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, silicon and iron. It’s never the same Every honey is original, because every honey contains a unique ratio of these substances, important to the most valuable thing we have – our health. Its taste, color and composition depend on the environment where the colony collects nectar from flowers. The main parameters include, in addition to the locality, the species composition of the plants and the period in which the bees were most active. The main reasons why you should have it
  • For a high proportion of natural fructose, it is a better and healthier choice than sugar.
  • It has antibacterial effects that can benefit from inflammation of the stomach, as well as surface skin injuries.
  • A lower glycemic index will reduce hunger for a longer period of time.
  • It acts as an antioxidant and helps maintain healthy intestinal microflora.
Honey for solid health Honey is considered to be one of the strongest natural antibiotics, especially for the ability to kill bacteria. You have all tried one of the old and proven recipes for treating respiratory diseases – either using honey or combining it with herbal teas, cinnamon, onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, hot milk and other ingredients that speed the healing process. Honey, thanks to its unique composition, can destroy a large group of microorganisms that our body can not help. It is important to start taking it in good time, ideally at the first signs of the disease, and then several times a day until complete cure. Keep in mind, however, that by adding honey to a hot drink (45-50 ° C), its active ingredients are destroyed. Mix with the liquid for a while to wait for the beverage to cool. Big force in a few drops Bee honey influences the proper functioning of internal organs, helps to increase immunity, improve blood count and prevent premature aging of the body. Honey is a frequent part of immune and anti-cough products. However, the list of beneficial and medicinal effects of honey is much more varied:
  • honey helps with insomnia, nervous exhaustion, stress, depressions and migraines of nervous origin,
  • is effective as a supportive agent when the body expects to excite the body,
  • accelerates the treatment of gastric ulcers and improves digestion,
  • heals gallbladder inflammation and regenerates liver,
  • is considered an aphrodisiac,
  • soothes and improves the mood,
  • cleans our body from free radicals and helps detoxify it,
  • adjusts high blood pressure and strengthens the heart.
Great tip for health: Kurkuma with honey Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory effects and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. Combined with quality honey, it improves digestion and promotes intestinal activity. Surprisingly, the combination of turmeric and honey is considered to be the most powerful antibiotic in traditional natural medicine. To prepare a medicinal elixir you will need 100 grams of organic honey, 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder. Mix together thoroughly and start using the first flu symptoms. If your certified medicine is one teaspoon of honey a day, you do a lot for yourself. You can, of course, exchange the ways you supply the organism. Also delicious in cakes, desserts such as white yoghurt sweetener, roasted toast, traditional bread maces, honey will taste you in salad dressing or meat marinade. Why is honey not damaged? If you have somewhere in the house to have an old cup of honey, it will probably surprise you that it is not broken. The reason is its low pH, which destroys the bacteria. Another factor is bound water, which means that the bacteria do not get it and thus do not have the appropriate conditions for gradual reproduction. Stopping you may be sugar-making or hardening of honey. It’s just a cosmetic bug that you can easily remove by gently overheating the entire cup of honey in the water bath. Children are careful Do not give children to the first year of life honey or as a part of the treatment. It may contain clostridium botulinum. It produces botulinum toxin, which is one of the strongest known poison. Babies do not have a sufficiently acidic environment in the stomach to destroy the spores (or germ forms of this bacteria) present in honey. For small children, therefore, infant or infantile botulism.
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