Miracle Propolis: home-made tincture will rid you of dozens of diseases

Strenuous as a bee? This alignment certainly has something to do with itself. Bees are rightly considered to be one of the most efficient livestock. The result of their efforts is, for example, propolis, considered to be all-time modern times. The list of illnesses with which he can help has no end. Propolis is a resin based substance that bees are harvested from tree blades or from other plant sources. From the colony perspective, it has several important features. Let’s all remember:
  • enhances the stability of the hive,
  • weakens vibrations,
  • protects the bee from disease and prevents parasites from entering the hive,
  • prevents the rotting process in the hive.
It’s never the same Propolis properties depend on the plant source and the bee can not influence them. The composition of propolis is different in each hive, in each geographical area and in each season. Depending on the composition, it has different colors – from green to reddish brown, most often see a dark-brown color. At room temperature and higher temperature, it is sticky, and at lower temperatures propolis solidifies and crumbles. Interestingly, propolis from one hive may have healing properties that propolis does not have from another hive. This is also why propolis is attributed to a diverse healing power. Unique effects already in small quantities Propolis acts bactericidally (kills the bacteria), fungicides (it destroys the mushrooms), mildly anesthetically (dampens pain), acts antitoxic, has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and dermoplastic (promotes wound healing). Propolis has proven itself in the fight against acne. For acne treatment and small pimple treatment, experts recommend stretching for propolis tincture. Pharmacy in the palm As a medicinal substance, the Romans and the ancient Greeks used propolis. Typical propolis has about 50 ingredients, 50% are resins and plant balms, 30% wax, 10% essential oils and 5% pollen. The propolis contains rare ferulic acid, which is a several times better antioxidant than vitamin E. Its most valuable benefit is the fact that it protects the skin from sunlight. People’s propolis therapists often also use to relieve inflammation, viral diseases, treat lighter burns and bruises. Propolis has a positive effect on the heart and reduces the risk of cataracts. Old beekeepers recommend inserting a piece of propolis into the mouth as a proven remedy for the sore throat. However, the list of its health effects is not over yet. On the contrary. Some experts point to the strong antioxidant properties of propolis. Thanks to them, it is possible to combat the adverse environmental impact in a friendly and natural way. Treasure in the form of propolis tincture Preparation of propolis tincture is no science, you can handle it peacefully in the comfort of your home. Finally, judge yourself. Pour 30 g of crushed propolis into 100 g of alcohol. Use an ideal 80% or more percent alcohol. Then shake the solution six to seven times a day within one week. Finally, allow the solution to settle down and dissolve the dissolved part. For indoor use, take one to three times a day 10, up to 40 drops, ideally for one hour before eating. Drop it into the water, where it gets a little precipitated on the edges and bucks. But do not worry, they will never lose any of their healing effects. Most often, the propolis tincture is used in:
  • all inflammation that causes fever (3 times a day 30 drops)
  • in menopause (1 x daily 10 drops)
  • prostate inflammation (3 times a day 30 drops)
  • stomach pain (dilute 50 drops with 100 ml of warm water)
  • high blood pressure (1 x daily 30 drops)
  • gnashing gums and
  • toothache (soak the cotton wool and put it in a painful place) (twice a day with 50 drops diluted with 100 ml of warm water) (put the cotton wool in a painful place during the night, wash the area with propolis ointment)
  • angina and lighted throat (mix 40 drops with 200 ml of warm water, rinse several times a day)
  • of digestive difficulties
If you suffer from stomach ulcers, take 20 to 35 drops of propolis tincture in milk or honey for one hour before eating. For stomach problems, 3 drops of tincture will be given 3 times a day, an hour before meals. Enjoy it with breaks As with most bee products, even in the case of propolis, be more cautious and take a sensitivity test before use – best on the inside of your wrist. You can belong to a group of people suffering from allergic reactions. For unique effects on the human organism, it is a common ingredient for mastiff, creams, gels, but it can also be found in toothpastes and oral sprays. Propolis can be purchased in the form of a tincture, ointment, emulsion, balsam, and can be used even in the raw – in pieces or in powder. Propolis is very effective in small doses and concentrations. So take up to three weeks without a break, then spend one week off. Propolis without hesitation apply to all inflammatory processes in the body. If after three weeks there is no improvement, you should definitely relax and seek more professional help. Even in pregnancy There are several forms of propolis-containing formulations (oily or aqueous solution or concentrated-yield capsule), so do not prevent it even during pregnancy. Classic alcohol tincture is recommended for future moms only for outdoor application.

Looking for a reliable protector of your immunity? You’ve already found him

Honey has become a recognized and valuable medicine all over the world. Before people began to use chemically manufactured antibiotics, honey was an integral part of a home pharmacy. And so it is still today. Avoiding viral illnesses during the winter months is not at all easy. But if you have good immunity, eat well and your foods contain enough vitamins and antioxidants, you are on the right track. All the more if you do not forget about regular consumption of quality honey. Good immunity = solid health The immune system is a complex defense mechanism to deal with a wide variety of infections, bacteria and other harmful effects. It is ready for defense, everything is done, it ensures our health and is constantly evolving. The status of the immune system corresponds to how we relate to our own body. But the immunity also affects the environment, the lifestyle or the stress we face every day. We can support the immune system with a variety of preparations, and it is very beneficial to have honey. Honey is a vitamin bomb Honey is a concentrated extract of flowers and plants, many people call it a natural elixir of health. Its effects on the human organism are indisputable and have an irreplaceable role in building immunity. In honey we find a huge number of beneficial substances, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and sugars. The vitamins are: A, C, B1, B6, B12, D, E and K. Minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, silicon and iron. It’s never the same Every honey is original, because every honey contains a unique ratio of these substances, important to the most valuable thing we have – our health. Its taste, color and composition depend on the environment where the colony collects nectar from flowers. The main parameters include, in addition to the locality, the species composition of the plants and the period in which the bees were most active. The main reasons why you should have it
  • For a high proportion of natural fructose, it is a better and healthier choice than sugar.
  • It has antibacterial effects that can benefit from inflammation of the stomach, as well as surface skin injuries.
  • A lower glycemic index will reduce hunger for a longer period of time.
  • It acts as an antioxidant and helps maintain healthy intestinal microflora.
Honey for solid health Honey is considered to be one of the strongest natural antibiotics, especially for the ability to kill bacteria. You have all tried one of the old and proven recipes for treating respiratory diseases – either using honey or combining it with herbal teas, cinnamon, onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, hot milk and other ingredients that speed the healing process. Honey, thanks to its unique composition, can destroy a large group of microorganisms that our body can not help. It is important to start taking it in good time, ideally at the first signs of the disease, and then several times a day until complete cure. Keep in mind, however, that by adding honey to a hot drink (45-50 ° C), its active ingredients are destroyed. Mix with the liquid for a while to wait for the beverage to cool. Big force in a few drops Bee honey influences the proper functioning of internal organs, helps to increase immunity, improve blood count and prevent premature aging of the body. Honey is a frequent part of immune and anti-cough products. However, the list of beneficial and medicinal effects of honey is much more varied:
  • honey helps with insomnia, nervous exhaustion, stress, depressions and migraines of nervous origin,
  • is effective as a supportive agent when the body expects to excite the body,
  • accelerates the treatment of gastric ulcers and improves digestion,
  • heals gallbladder inflammation and regenerates liver,
  • is considered an aphrodisiac,
  • soothes and improves the mood,
  • cleans our body from free radicals and helps detoxify it,
  • adjusts high blood pressure and strengthens the heart.
Great tip for health: Kurkuma with honey Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory effects and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. Combined with quality honey, it improves digestion and promotes intestinal activity. Surprisingly, the combination of turmeric and honey is considered to be the most powerful antibiotic in traditional natural medicine. To prepare a medicinal elixir you will need 100 grams of organic honey, 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder. Mix together thoroughly and start using the first flu symptoms. If your certified medicine is one teaspoon of honey a day, you do a lot for yourself. You can, of course, exchange the ways you supply the organism. Also delicious in cakes, desserts such as white yoghurt sweetener, roasted toast, traditional bread maces, honey will taste you in salad dressing or meat marinade. Why is honey not damaged? If you have somewhere in the house to have an old cup of honey, it will probably surprise you that it is not broken. The reason is its low pH, which destroys the bacteria. Another factor is bound water, which means that the bacteria do not get it and thus do not have the appropriate conditions for gradual reproduction. Stopping you may be sugar-making or hardening of honey. It’s just a cosmetic bug that you can easily remove by gently overheating the entire cup of honey in the water bath. Children are careful Do not give children to the first year of life honey or as a part of the treatment. It may contain clostridium botulinum. It produces botulinum toxin, which is one of the strongest known poison. Babies do not have a sufficiently acidic environment in the stomach to destroy the spores (or germ forms of this bacteria) present in honey. For small children, therefore, infant or infantile botulism.

Honey as part of the treatment. Add it to these drinks and you’ll be amazed

Certainly, each of you has tasted the beneficial effects of honey on your skin. It is not in vain to say a golden remedy. It is also effective in the form of beverages, combined with other healthy raw materials. Let’s look at recipes for some of them. Start with a drink that will start you up to the new day. It acts as a guaranteed upbeat (not only) after the overnight night, and it will help you to get your energy back on your everyday duties. This tasty and healthy drink will be prepared in a few seconds. One soup of honey add a 100 ml glass of lukewarm water, best filtered. Mix together until the honey dissolves. Experts say that this combination can melt the fat, eliminate the desire for sweets and help make people lose weight. Honey should be served at any time of the day, but the best effects you get with it in the morning on empty stomachs. It then removes your body from bacteria, accelerates metabolism, strengthens the immune system, helps with problems with urination and relieves stomach problems. Finally, a proven tip. If you squeeze the lemon into honey, you will get a great detoxifying drink.   Fill your stomach and speed metabolism Such a pair of effects will bring you a miraculous combination of grapefruit and honey. Vitamin Bomb and the feeling of a full stomach with a minimum of calories is exactly what can be expected from both healthy ingredients. Remove the grapefruit half of the grapefruit, put it in the blender and add a spoon of honey. Mix to smooth. Such a small amount is enough to speed up the metabolism of sugars and faster fat burning.     It removes throat and cough Influenza usually begins with unpleasant throat pains. But you can defeat her by diving of this drink. Prepare 1 yolk, 1 dl milk and one tablespoon of honey. Mix the mixture well, warm the milk beforehand. Throat your throat with a warm cloth and drink slowly drink. Honey will also help you to cough. To multiply its strength, weigh 250 g of honey, 2 pieces of fresh leaves and 100 ml of water. The procedure is as follows: mix the leaves of the broom with the smell and anchovies. Then mix the mixture on a mild fire until the syrup is thick. Take as needed, but three times a day add up to one tablespoon a day. Syrup mix them peacefully in the tea.   Defeat insomnia and urological problems To get good sleep, rely on honey again. Two teaspoons of fine honey, a few ground vines and 250 ml of warm milk. Add honey, clove and co-mix to a warm glass of milk. Drink the drink slowly, thirty minutes before bedtime. Honey will also handle urinary tract inflammation. Place two tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in 2.5 dl of lukewarm water.   Slim curves (almost) to wait Despite the fact that honey is sweet, it also has slimming effects. Especially if you use it in conjunction with cinnamon and water. You can prepare the squeezing drink very simply: pour the tea spoon into the cup, pour hot hot water, cover it and let it leaven. When water is lukewarm, honey comes in – we recommend a maximum of two teaspoons. Honey must be selected as a quality, natural and never add to hot drinks. Otherwise, the active ingredients will be removed from it. You should drink the half drink in the evening before bedtime and the second half of the morning after waking up. Keep the drink in the refrigerator and do not heat it or add any more raw materials.   Because it belongs to Christmas The speech is about a Christmas punch with honey, which inherently belongs to pre-Christmas time. Put the quality red wine into the pot and add the pepper. Heat on a light fire until the wine begins to cook. At that time, put the pot on your kitchenette and let it cool down. Meanwhile, place a slice of lemon and a spoon of honey in the prepared cups. Bake still with warm wine, stir, adorn the remaining lemons of lemon or other fruits. Before eating, it is advisable to mix the punch. Keep in mind that … In order for honey to be mentioned as a component of medicinal beverages, it is important not to underestimate its choice. You can also make fake honey in shops. He generally tends to buy a lower price, but he does not help much to your health. Before you put the honey into your shopping cart, check out its consistency. Sufficiently dense honey, with a water content of 18 percent, is a mark of quality. Never to a hot drink By heating above 50 degrees Celsius, beneficial substances are degraded from honey. Unquenchable honey waves a higher water content and swings quickly from side to side after tilting. Buy it better with a reputable beekeeper or a specialist beekeeping store. There you are sure you will take your honey with the highest quality. It is therefore an item that is worth investing in. For health should be a leader in the value of people. You can verify the truth of honey As we have already outlined, sugary syrups, molasses, corn syrup and other flavors or ingredients are added to the raw honey. Organic, pure honey is not produced in factories. Most honey in the market is diluted so the manufacturer can double his own profits. In an attempt to compact it, the speculators use ground chalk, flour, sawdust or sand! A thumb test or a water test However, you can check the purity of the honey. Just give a drop of honey to your thumb and you will immediately find out if it sticks or not. Pure organic honey should be sticky. If you still hesitate, put a spoon of honey in a glass of water. Fake honey dissolves quickly and the net drops to the bottom. We’ll give you another interesting piece of work. Right honey is flammable. Place a dry match on honey and try to light it. If the match worsens, honey has the attribute clean. If the match does not fire, it is a fake honey that contains the dirt and water.

Bees have many interesting records. For example, these too

Are you interested in how much the most expensive honey is worth? Where does the bee hurt most or what is a man able to do to increase the sales of his own products? Then read on. Podarktori traders are not afraid of anything. Evidence is also this fearless Chinese, who chose a truly unusual way of presenting home-made honey. Finally, judge yourself. The more bees, the better He is a thirty-year-old, called She Ping and comes from Chungching in the southwest of China. He devoted his entire life to the beekeeping industry, more intensely devoted to him for more than ten years. It is the real source of his livelihood. Due to the great competition of beekeepers in his homeland, She Pching decided for a rather unusual way of promoting his own honey. Half the body has covered up to 460,000 bees. The bees that sowed on him had a respectable 45 kilograms. But if you think She Pching is the only „fool“ of his kind, we will bring you out of error. The disciples of this discipline are much more in the world. Voluntarily under the sting of the sting Why disciplines? Being beehive is a globally known activity in which the beekeepers pretend. Daredevils do not hesitate to put off their clothes, with the plastic being blamed for the most of their faces, and the bore holes with cotton. It does not interfere with the fact that many tens, or even hundreds of stings, are consumed. How do they do that they can attract so many bees? On the body, in the small „cage“, the queen hung, followed by thousands of workers. In the same way, Ind Vipin Seth was interested in the public. He lured bees weighing over 60 pounds. Recordable wording in the Guinness Book Kao Ping-kuo raised the bar of similar attempts a little higher. Millions of bees and more than three hours of theater were more disgusting than fascinating. This attempt almost ended tragically, the bold seniors‘ body temperature rose to 60 degrees, and hundreds of stings hit him. Several bee queens and a million bees whose weight climbed to more than 100 kilograms. These numbers also meant a Chinese entry to the Guinness Book of Records. Where does the sting most hurt? Every person has a different threshold of pain, some survive more, others less. The pain that we feel after the bee has been cleared was etymo Justin Schmidt. He is even the creator of so-called Schmidt’s scale of insect-bite pain. In his book, „Sting of the Wild“, the bee sting scored two out of four. Michael Smith, who has mastered his masochistic plan in his head, has come to his knowledge. He guessed that he would be caught up to twenty-five bees in order to be able to answer the question in which part of the body the sting was most painful. Each piece on the calf was stung up to three times and always waited for 60 seconds to remove the sting. He wanted to get a full dose of poison into his body. According to IFL Science, every day he tried three experimental stings in different parts of the body and two calibration points on the forearm to compare the pain. The most sensitive (more than intimate) were Smith’s holes and top pens. He did not probe the bee into the tongue and eye. His advisers were reportedly afraid of touching him.   The most expensive honey of the world Honey has a lot of health effects, not in vain to get used to being a golden medicine. However, if you find his price in shops sometimes up to the point, do not travel to Turkey. In this country, the price of honey is up to 5000 euros. Honey is very special, its name is Elvish. Are you interested in why it costs so much money? It is derived from the deep 1800 meters deep cave near Artvin in northeast Turkey. Günay Gündüz, a local beekeeper, claims that this honey is completely natural, without hives. The mineral-rich cave greatly enhances the quality of this honey, and Günay Gündüz is the only one who makes the special variety. By the way, the only one in the world. The fact that the bees fly in the caves was noted in 2009. At that moment, he realized he could find supplies of honey. „With the help of professional mountaineers, we got down and found 18 kilograms of honey on the walls,“ he remembers the treasure. He then has the honey analyzed in French laboratories. Researchers have confirmed that it is a seven year old honey of the highest quality, with a lot of minerals. The first kilogram of honey got him managed to sell at an auction in France in 2009 for an incredible 45-thousand euros. One year later, one Chinese millionaire bought another kilos for 28-thousand euros. Today, the price per kilogram is at the level of 5,000 euros. Apparently nothing for ordinary mortals, but for a very enterprising Turk, a particularly decent earnings. Recording the number of bees on your own body causes inconsistent reactions

Interesting bees. Did you know that…?

The honey bee, the most widespread species in our hinterland, lives on Earth for more than 80 million years. It is incredible how awesome it has been to adapt to the changes that have taken place in our planet for so long. The bee thing could be said without a break, I guess a few days. And maybe even longer. For only a few animals can boast an arsenal of attractions from their lives. We’ve also selected a few for you: * The buzz that hears about the bee actually indicates the movement of her wings. It can make up to 180 moves per second. * Bees fly to work from early morning (4:00 am) during the summer and work all day until evening (about 5:00 pm). The „hard-working bee“ alignment therefore has its merit. * Bees are perfectly orientated by the sun, even when outdoors under the cloud. * I can reliably find a source of nectar and pollen up to five kilometers away. * The bees‘ antennae have receptors for tactile, perceived air humidity and temperature, smell. * Honey is a food with unlimited durability. At least this is evidenced by the discovery of archaeologists in Egypt, a thousand years old honey that was edible. * If you take your mother out of the hive, he will know the whole hive within fifteen minutes. * The bee will collect about nine grams of honey during the entire period of laying. This is half the teaspoon. * After the flowers are fired, they lose the scent. Just for the idea, one apple blossom contains about 100,000 pollen grains, one lamb hazel to 6,000,000 pollen grains. * To get a pound of honey, about 1100 bees have to work on the nectar harvest. * One bee enfants daily and thousands of flowers. * Thanks to the ability to pollinate crops, the bee is the third most eco-friendly animal in Europe. * The Queen is the only woman in the hive that has developed a sexual organ. The robots do not have it. * The fates of the tricks are precocious. Either the queen is fertilized and they die, or their robot at the end of the season from the hive. * The finding of two mothers in a beehive is rather rare. Mothers are competing. If two mothers meet in a beehive, they will be confronted. In it one or both mothers perish. As a weapon their own stings serve them. * The hive is multiplied by swarming. Bee roe is part of a colony that follows an old mother when her original home is about to take over a new mother. They sit on the nearest branch and wait. Then they are looking for other suitable dwellings, which may take several hours, but also days. In a new dwelling, a swarm begins to build existence almost from scratch. They do not like bees when they swarm, though they act dangerously. Their main task, however, is to find a suitable place to settle for the emergence of a new hive. * Bees are spoken by the touch of feathers, bee dances, the scent of several types of pheromones and, of course, sounds. * If one bee sucks, you have to leave the place. The other bees would come to you too. They feel a sting. * Our bees are relatively peaceful. In the case of attack of the hive it is defended by about 30 fighters. For African killer bees, up to 10,000 stings would start at the moment. * The bee sees color, but the red hue looks like gray to black. The bee also captures the ultraviolet color that man does not recognize. * The beehive, through its short life, gradually passes through the profession of nursing staff, nectar makers, scrubbers, hatchet makers, hunter hunters, and horses that bring to the hive pollen and nectar. His life’s journey usually ends after 35 days of life. * If bees use a sting and stick it into a warm-blooded animal, they end their lives. Behind the stubby hooks to the sting ensure that it remains in the skin. * We should scrape the scraper nails, respectively. with a knife so that the poison cam is not pushed, so we can push the poison into the skin. * The most common colony disease is varroasis. This is a mite infection that destroys bee fruit. * The greatest bee enemy is the hornet. He attacks the bees when he does not have enough food. * Bees never sleep. Occasionally, they can be caught while resting in empty wax cells. * Behavior and mood of bees is also affected by weather changes. It is best to work with bees in the morning if the weather is suitable for a suck. Old honeybees are now out of the dwelling. In the hive will be young bees that are very mild. * Bees are sensitive to the purity of nature in their surroundings. Unsuitable chemical treatment of agricultural crops or fruit crops in the period of their flowering, and the colony mass dying of poisoning with poisonous pesticides. * The presence of bees is a sign of purity in nature.   Source:,,,,,,